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Welcome to Bykalender

Bykalender (City Calendar) is a physical Advent calendar filled with gift vouchers and surprises from selected businesses in your local area.

Each calendar door serves as a gift certificate to be torn off and redeemed in the participating business. The experience is a modern countdown for Christmas where you go sightseeing in your local area to pick up your gifts. The calendar gets you in the Christmas spirit and invites unique experiences in cozy company with family or friends.

All copies of a Bykalender contain attractive gifts. There are no discounts or purchase-related offers. Once the calendar is yours – the rest is free. The value of the gifts far exceeds the price of your Bykalender! The vouchers could be for something delicious to eat or drink, a wonderful product, free museum visits or tickets to sports events.

The Bykalender is a new and wonderful way to experience your city together with your family, friends or colleagues. It offers a different way of creating extra coziness and pampering for yourself and your loved ones, while at the same time supporting the local business life among small and large companies.

Would you like to know more about Bykalender? Or do you have a dream of starting a Bykalender in your city? Always feel free to contact us at